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Will you donate $10 to help us fulfill our 2017 holiday wish?

We are working hard to secure funding for two additional CASA volunteers by the end of 2017. It costs $2,500 to train and retain a CASA volunteer for a year. If 500 people click and make a $10 donation, we will reach our year-end goal. *UPDATE:  We have just $1,000 left to go!* Together, we can transform the lives of foster children.

“When Rosa came into my life, I wasn’t as lonely. As strange as it sounds to some, it was relieving to finally have a person to call my own. Rosa came every week to visit me." -Monique Straws, former foster youth

“I promised my little brother that we would always be together and that I would always take care of him. I wasn’t even thinking about my own well-being. I just wanted to be there for him. It felt like I was all he had. From day one, Karen looked out for me. Our visits were really the only times that I was focused on what I needed.” -Dorothy, transitional aged foster youth

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers are specially trained and appointed by the court to advocate for foster children. Among the many social workers, school changes and placements that foster children go through, CASA volunteers are often one of the ONLY consistent adult relationships that a foster child has... and they are there not only during the holidays but all year around.

Research shows that children with CASA volunteers tend to do better in school, report lower rates of physical and mental illness, and are more engaged in their communities as adults. For more information about our mission, vision and programs, click here

“I walked in and he asked me, ‘How many kids you got?’ I knew right away he was wondering how many other children I advocated for. I told him, ‘You’re the only one,’ and you should have seen the look on his face. He was in awe and overjoyed that he had me all to himself. It still makes my cry.” –Cindy Burger, CASA volunteer

“My last CASA child had four social workers and five placements, yet through it all she had one CASA—me.” –Janet Fulton, CASA volunteer

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